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Kshitij Singh is an artist-producer and audio engineer from Bhopal, India living in Valencia, Spain. His musical style explores his side of experimental electronic music along with hip-hop, glitch, trip-hop and ambient music under the name Dystorizon.

On April 4, 2020 Dystorizon released his debut EP 'Escape Velocity' which is a four track experimental electronic downtempo music. 

Escape Velocity is about redefining the way we understand music and finding a different perspective around it ​in order to see what’s beyond reality. ​It’s an outcome of this quest for exploring different sonic textures, how they correspond to emotions and how rhythm and pitch infuse to form what we perceive as music.

Bypassing all existing viewpoints of the world that were based on a few universal facts, the artwork of this EP is a symbol for exploration, realisation and eventually breaking free from all these ties that make you feel human. I believe that the human mind is capableof listeningmore,seeingmore,thinkingmoreandwithmyart,Iwantpeopleto at least start thinking about bringing this change. 

Listen to Escape Veclocity now here : 

Download Electronic Press Kit :